Last week the first steps were taken (literally) as the New Tetbury Chamber started visiting some of the Tetbury businesses, introducing and promoting their free WhatsApp group.

Many businesses have stated it would be good to have a forum where businesses can network, raise concerns or put forward ideas, hence the launch of the Chamber WhatsApp group. The new chamber aims to promote Tetbury and enhance its’ vibrant community and maintain its reputation as a popular tourist destination while still catering and caring for its own local community’. So far, the chamber has voiced their opposition to Cotswold District Council’s new parking proposals for the town, with a petition.

Colin Pearce of R&J Pearce said  said: “I think it’s long overdue and it’s time to start up again. It’s time to look forwards and we’ve got a lot of new businesses in town and a lot of start ups that need support. So it’s a good time to jump in and see what we can do to help everybody.”

For more information on how to join free check out the new website that will have the total definitive directory of businesses, both High Street and specialised, and will be populated with positive news about the town.