Cirencester car parking strategy

Cirencester Chamber of Commerce are working with the Cotswold District Council to help develop their long-term (4 year) parking strategy so that it works for local businesses, residents and visitors as well as those with special needs.

An initial meeting with the Council was held in early December 2023 and the small working group that the Chamber has formed, with representatives from the local business community, is meeting in January  for a brainstorm ahead of our second meeting with the Council at the end of the month.

If you have any comments  about anything parking-related that you’d like us to take into consideration, please get in touch with the Chamber Secretary (

Stop Parking Cost Increase

It has come to our attention that the Cotswold District Council Cabinet has recently launched its Budget Consultation 2023-24 which proposes, amongst other things, to increase car parking charges. It has also just been announced that the Council is removing the option of paying by cash in the Brewery, Forum, Sheep Street and Waterloo car parks from 12 December 2022.

Parking charges impact on how long visitors remain in Cirencester (or even visit) and, consequently, how much they spend whilst here. Businesses are already struggling with the high rents and rates in the town and this proposal will undoubtedly have a bearing on footfall.

We understand the environmental impact of traffic pollution, and what the Council is trying to achieve with this proposal, but there needs to be a much improved public transport network as a viable alternative, otherwise this could cripple our town.

We are therefore launching an online petition for both businesses and residents for which we would appreciate your support so we can show the council that there is opposition to their plan.  We need to get this to them before 9 December 2022 when their Budget Consultation closes and the findings of this consultation will be shared with councillors before they make decisions at a meeting of the Council in February 2023.

To find out more about the budget consultation, please visit:

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