We try to open our pupils eyes to the world of possibilities and options open to them, even though that is often scary at first, they find there is just so many options. It is a lifelong process that isn’t limited to the pupils at specific ages. We aim to give the pupils the core knowledge that they can come back to throughout their adult life as they need it. We believe that high quality advice and guidance is a mixture of directly taught materials and drip fed links as appropriate through the curriculum.

Work Experience Learn in the Industry

We run Work Experience in the summer of Year 10 and it is back for 2022. We fully appreciate that this will present difficulties for some companies but would like to work with companies to overcome them. Work experience is so vital for our young people both as a taste of careers they are interested in and giving them the confidence and belief that they can push themselves outside of their comfort zones.

Mock Interviews A Head Start for Students

In Year 11, we also run Mock Interviews , normally in the January. Again it is important to us that it is a face to face event with someone that our young people don’t know (we did manage to do this in May 2021 and I am extremely grateful to our team of ‘interviewers’ who worked with us to overcome the difficulties that Covid presented us to run this event). Mock Interviews are a vital opportunity for our pupils to prepare in the lessons running up to the day and face the process of an interview.

Careers Convention

Alongside Kingshill, we have the Careers Convention each year and again this is back for 2021.

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