About the Business

Breaking the Silence on Menopause – My Personal Journey: After a full hysterectomy at 40, I anticipated a journey toward improved health. Little did I know, the uncharted territory of menopause would bring its own set of challenges. Lost and shattered, I sought solace through a handful of supportive individuals who understood my struggle. Out of this experience, I birthed with the help of some friends “You, Me and the Menopause” based in the Cotswolds – a FREE support group meeting every other month. Why? Because I believe in the power of shared experiences, and if my journey can ease someone else’s path, that’s a victory. My mission extends beyond personal support. I’m here to help businesses navigate this often overlooked aspect. It’s not just about implementing policies; it’s about fostering open dialogue. My first-hand experience and knowledge are at your service. Let’s make a difference together. If you’re curious or want to learn more, reach out. TOGETHER, we can create workplaces that not only implement policies but openly talk about menopause. 

2 Moss Way, Cirencester, UK