About the Business

MCDBT offers a unique blend of knowledge and experience to support business leaders from any sector, deal with challenges and realise opportunities
Are you an MD, CEO or COO facing the reality of a significant change program?
Whether your change journey is forced upon you by external factors, or driven by an internal desire to move onto the next level, managing that change is always a huge upheaval. Whilst successful change has huge rewards and keeps your business ahead of the pack, the journey itself is resource hungry and fraught with risk. The MCDBT offering is unique in its blend of practical support and real world experience, that enables the journey to be completed as quickly and effectively as possible.
MCDBT can support you in the most challenging times as well a being there on a daily basis acting as a coach or mentor. Please contact us or visit the website to find out more.

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Minimum 10% off daily rates for all Chamber Members