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At Holloway Bond, we are a team of business rates experts who specialise in two avenues of business rates appeal. One is legislative arguments and the other is rateable valuation appeals. Tom and I started the company in November 2022 after working in the industry for over five years and our aim is to not only focus on the small and independent businesses but also expanded into larger corporations and working with landlords to reduce empty property costs.

We have tried to take an ethical approach, partnering with WLT and other not for profit businesses. When dealing with landlords with empty property, we have a partnership businesses that we work closely with who offer empty space to charities for office space, storage or anything else they may need at no cost to them. This then benefits both the charity and the landlords as this reduces the landlords business rates significantly.

Unlike council tax, commercial properties are not banded. They are valued on a price per square meter basis which varies depending on factors like location, size, quality and usage. Our job is to find discrepancies and errors within these valuations to reduce the amount payable by our clients. We can also look to apply legislation to the business rates accounts that have been put in place to promote independent business in England and Wales. There are over four hundred legislations that we specialise in, these can be applied as far back as six years and also moving forward.

Since the pandemic, there has been more help in place than ever to support small businesses, especially in the hospitality and retail sectors, we make sure that our clients are benefiting from all the help available to them as well as putting arguments forward to the council to dispute why a company may not have been in receipt of a certain relief or reduction historically.

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