Do you know of a local project which has taken place anytime since 2021, which improved the health and well-being of others through the arts, music, reading, leisure, an exhibition or community activity?

This award is inspired by Daniel George Bingham and will be judged by the Bingham Library Trust, recognising a community project which has made a difference to the well-being of people in Cirencester.

About Daniel Bingham

Daniel Bingham was born in Black Jack Street in 1830. He attended a local school in Castle Street before being employed by Great Western Railway at the railway station in Sheep Street.

Bingham maintained links with Cirencester throughout his life and in 1905, built, equipped and gifted a public library, today known as Bingham House in Dyer Street. This was a community hub ahead of its time with facilities for everyone, irrespective of age or background.

One of his long-held ambitions was to create an exhibition gallery and today Bingham House is home to a gallery as well as the Local Information Centre, Cirencester Town Council, Corinium Radio, Cirencester Band and the C-Hub.

Submit Your Entry Today

Please e-mail your nomination form and supporting information, on or before Friday 1st July, to:; alternatively, you can hand deliver to the Local Information Centre at Bingham House, Dyer Street, Cirencester.

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