Entries are welcome from any business located within the GL7 postcode area, or members of Cirencester Chamber of Commerce.
If entering as a member, membership must still be valid on the night of the awards.
Entries for Chamber members are free, non-members are charged £10 per entry.
Previous entrants are welcome to enter again, however winners can not enter the same category they won last year.
The information you provide will be treated in confidence and will not be disclosed to the media without your permission.

The closing date for entries is 24th June 2022

We reserve the right to remove an award category at any time. If this occurs, you will be notified, and any entry fee paid will be refunded.

You must
Email supporting documents (max 2 x A4 pages) at the same time by email to awards@cirencesterchamber.org.uk
Ensure your entry is received on time by 24th June – late entries will not be accepted.
Submit your application in Word format or as a scanned pdf by email.
Include everything you want to tell us about you/your business in your entry.
You may:
Enter up to 2 categories (please note the apprentice category can be entered in addition to these) – a new entry form should be completed for each entry
Supply no more than 2 x A4 sheets of supporting documents with your official entry form. promotional materials, feedback forms, screen prints from satisfaction websites, letters of recommendation.

Are independent and external.
Will not consider external sources of information e.g. web-sites.
Will ignore any part of an entry which exceeds 500 words.
Will ignore any supporting materials which exceed 2 x A4 sheets.
If you have any queries concerning any aspect of your entry or the awards, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email: awards@cirencesterchamber.org.uk

What you might include in your entry
Business size, launch date, growth and development.
Skills and services offered and activities undertaken.
The individual, key individuals or team(s).
Goals set and achieved.
Successes and outstanding achievements.
Ability to create, build, grow and nurture relationships.
Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility – your impact on the community – residents, businesses, the environment.
Charitable giving and community engagement.
Training, development, continuous appraisal, support and improvement.
Plans for the future and how objectives will be achieved.
Reviews, comments, testimonials, on-line and other feedback.
Product range, presentation of premises and staff.
Marketing and other initiatives.
Evidence of improved financial performance, increased profitability, turnover or market share.
Hygiene standards and star ratings.
Professional or trade qualifications.

If you have any queries concerning any aspect of your entry or the awards, please don’t hesitate to contact us (awards@cirencesterchamber.org.uk).