This award is aimed at promoting the diverse and growing range of outstanding apprentices in Cirencester and the surrounding area.  Recognising the value that apprentices can bring to an organisation and our local employment market. We are looking for entries which showcase the impact an apprentice has had on the organisation they work for, as well as being able to show growth and commitment to their own personal development and progression.  Judges will be looking for entries that demonstrate an exceptional contribution to the work of their organisation, and high levels of passion and motivation to develop their own workplace skills, knowledge and behaviours. The apprentice can be working within a business of any size, but should have proven themselves as a dedicated member of the team in which they are working.

The apprentice must be completing a recognised apprenticeship with a registered training provider or will have completed one since May 2021. This can be at any level and the apprentice can be of any age.  The employer must be based in Cirencester or the surrounding area.

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Closing date 1st July 2022

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