Webinar The Five Factors of Business Endurance

Date - 19/03/2020
Time - 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
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The Growth Hub have organised a webinar in response to the Coronavirus and the effect on business.

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What happens if 20% of your business is wiped out overnight, and over 50% of your pipeline disappears the next day?

Join us as we explore how to endure through such turbulent times.

If the Covid-19 outbreak is already impacting your business, or you are concerned it will, or you can see challenges on the horizon for your sector, this webinar will help you navigate a path through.

Mok O’Keeffe, Founder of The Innovation Beehive, will share the response he and his company have taken in the face of challenges not seen in the economy since the economic crash of 2008.

Learn how quick action on the Five Factors of Endurance is essential in the face of uncertainty and disruption.

The Five Factors:

– Shore up your FOUNDATION
– Return to the FUNDAMENTALS
– FLEX your delivery
– FOLLOW the love
– Look to the new FRONTIER

Mok will share his insights into these Five Factors by drawing on the experience of him and his team in the last few weeks, when they saw 20% of their business disappear overnight and then reviewed their pipeline and found it had collapsed in the wake of Covid-19. There will be an opportunity to ask question and reflect on the experiences of others in the business community in the face of unprecedented uncertainty.

Just a reminder: if you’re already a Growth Hub client, then this webinar will count towards your business support hours. If you have any questions, please ask your Business Navigator or Guide for more information.

If you’re not already working with The Growth Hub, and would like to receive free business support, then you can apply here if you’re a Gloucestershire business.

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