Professional Services Provider of the Year

About The Award

This award is aimed at any business which provides professional services for its clients, for example lawyers, accountants, financial advisers, architects, surveyors, letting and estate agents, estate managers, insurers and so on. How do you, if a sole trader, or your firm or company, go that extra mile? How do you achieve, fulfil or exceed the expectations of your clients and customers? Imaginative and innovative ways of enhancing your professional service offering; clear pricing; putting clients at ease and ensuring confidence in the service you provide will have led to repeat engagements from clients, client satisfaction and growth. You are the right choice for your clients, your expertise is undeniable; your achievements and successes commonplace and your commitment to excellence self-evident.

How to Enter

To enter, please download the form below, fill it in and return it to along with your supporting materials.

If you don’t receive a receipt within 48 hours of submission please call to confirm.


Professional Service Provider Entry Form


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