Your Local Chamber in Cirencester

Welcome to the Cirencester Chamber of Commerce. We are a collection of some of the best businesses and business people in and around Cirencester. Our members are looking forward to working with you, supplying goods or services to you, advising you, or simple collaborating with you if you are also in business.

Our website should give you a feel for us and we hope you feel welcome. We have tried to be as personal as possible – we know people are one of the most important things we have in business, so you will see all of our members profiled here.

For those of you in Business, the Chamber provides a platform to engage with Cirencester and its brilliant people, and a supportive environment to grow and develop, with monthly meetings and talks from experts in various fields, plus a few socials for good measure. We also provide an important link to the wider Gloucestershire business community through our representation in the likes of the LEP and the Association of Gloucestershire Chambers and Business Groups. Our size and increased professionalism now means we are often consulted on developments affecting the town, both positive and negative, and as we regularly ballot members you will have the opportunity to contribute to the town’s future. We speak up for business and have a healthy dialogue with the Town and District Councils.

We have worked hard to develop our relationship with our media partners, and whilst membership alone won’t do it, we believe that as the chambers’ profile and reputation grows through these associations, in turn so will our members’.

Joining is easy, and we believe offers significant value for money. Have a look at the relevant sections of the website and talk to some of the existing members for feedback – if you have any questions just ask. The Chamber is a not for profit organisation run by a team of enthusiasts join us to keep Cirencester great.

For those of you looking for a service or supplier or adviser, you’d not go far wrong searching our directory and getting in contact. You should know that we do not vet or rate members – this is an open Chamber, but we do believe that by creating the right infrastructure and environment, we will attract and retain the good ones.

Thanks for reading. Here’s to Cirencester.


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