Hospitality & Entertainment Provider of the Year

About The Award

 Whether a pub, hotel, B&B, restaurant, café, eatery, club, bar, theatre or other entertainment establishment your venue offers an excellent overall customer experience. The satisfaction of each individual visitor you serve drives you forward. Your pricing and quality, available facilities, presentation and high standards lead to word-of-mouth recommendations, positive customer feedback, great reviews, ratings and comments which distinguish you from your competitors. Your staff are well trained to welcome customers; a warm and friendly atmosphere is assured; whilst your customers are with you they are treated respectfully and attentively and upon leaving, guests are already planning their return.


What you might include in your entry


• Business size, launch date, growth and development
• Skills and services offered and activities undertaken
• The individual, key individuals or team(s)
• Goals set and achieved
• Successes and outstanding achievements
• Ability to create, build, grow and nurture relationships
• Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility – your impact on the community – residents, businesses, the environment
• Charitable giving and community engagement
• Training, development, continuous appraisal, support and improvement
• Plans for the future and how objectives will be achieved
• Reviews, comments, testimonials, on-line and other feedback
• Product range, presentation of premises and staff
• Marketing and other initiatives
• Evidence of improved financial performance, increased profitability, turnover or market share
• Hygiene standards and star ratings
• Professional or trade qualifications

General awards information